SoulCalibur V Collector's Edition Soundtrack [2012/MP3/320]

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SoulCalibur V Collector's Edition Soundtrack [2012/MP3/320]

Mensaje  Admin el Miér Feb 01, 2012 3:54 am

SoulCalibur V Collector's Edition Soundtrack [2012/MP3/320]

Ripped straight from the disc included in the PS3 version of SoulCalibur V Collector's Edition, using foobar2000 with LameXP at 320kbps MP3.

01. The Frontier of History
02. Till Fate Writes My Epitaph
03. Without the Blessing of Fate
04. A High-Spirited Tiger
05. Sleepless - An Untamed Beast
06. Home is Faraway
07. Dragon's Call
08. Recollect Continent
09. In The Name of the Father
10. Beyond The Horizon
11. Unwavering Resolve
12. Sword Of The Patriot
13. Fearless Eye
14. If There Were Any Other Way
15. Valiant Heart
16. Winds And Memories
17. Innocent Vision



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